Ecology Partners Amazon Conservation Team (ACT)


ACT is present in Suriname since 1996, when they started working in the eastern Guiana Shield with the Trio and Wayana indigenous groups of southern Suriname. Their work is focused on preserving their culture, protecting their ancestral lands, and safeguarding the rainforest for the health of the planet and all its inhabitants. Together with the indigenous groups, ACT has mapped 10 million hectares. This provides them with a tool to support their land rights claims, make informed decisions on natural resource management, and teach their youth about the multidimensional value of the environment. Through their Indigenous Park Ranger program, ACT has trained a force of 50 community members in a range of fieldwork skillsets including monitoring of environmental pressures, biodiversity and forestry research, and mapping. They have also established sustainable income generation and value chain pilot projects; established a flagship Shamans and Apprentices program; developed Life Plans; strengthened local leadership capacity; and developed community-based monitoring, reporting, and verification systems.

ACT has offices in Suriname, Brazil, Colombia, Europe and USA.

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