Ecology Partners Form International

Form International is a forest management and services company that develops and manages forest assets (new and existing) in Africa for clients and provides a variety of technical advisory services to the forestry sector worldwide. Form International currently provides full management and technical assistance to Form Ghana and SFI Tanzania, with approximately 27,000 hectares under management, providing jobs to over 2,000 people, locally.

Form International’s team has a wide range of experience in the preparation, implementation and coordination of projects in the fields of:
• Plantation forestry and reforestation
• Implementation of forest landscape restoration
• Sustainable forest management and monitoring
• Forestry investments
• Business and Market support
• Forest certification and sustainability support
• Agroforestry
• Community forestry and stakeholder consultations
• Environmental and Social Assessments
• Practical training on a wide-range of forestry related topics

Form International is committed to use its 25 years of experience with reforestation, agroforestry and restoration of degraded landscapes, to further develop and implement functioning models for Forest Landscape Restoration (FLR).

For this programme Form International works closely with Form Ghana.

Form Ghana has been established in 2007 when legislation of sound land lease and benefit sharing concepts in Forest Reserves were approved by the Government and parliament of Ghana. The company has obtained FSC™ certification in January 2010 as the first forestry company in West Africa. In 2013, VCS certification was obtained for the climate change benefits of the plantations. Form Ghana has nurseries with a capacity of 5 million trees per year. The company established 1,000-2,000 ha per year. To date, about 8,000 ha of forest plantations (90% Teak and 10% indigenous species) have been established. The company has secured land leases for over 18,000 ha (50 years) and is in the process to acquire more.

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