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WRI was founded in 1982 with the purpose of bringing cutting edge analysis to global environment and development challenges. For the past three decades, they have worked with government, business, and civil society to drive ambitious action based on high-quality data and objective analysis.

WRI works to solve six great, global challenges that must be addressed this decade: water, forests, climate, energy, food, cities and transport. They conduct independent research and draw on the latest technology to develop new insights and recommendations. The rigorous analysis identifies risks, unveils opportunities, and informs smart strategies. The focus of the efforts is on influential and emerging economies where the future of sustainability will be determined.

Research is used to influence government policies, business strategies, and civil society action. Projects are tested with communities, companies, and government agencies to build a strong evidence base. Working with partners delivers change on the ground that alleviates poverty and strengthens society. Once tested, WRI works with partners to adopt and expand all efforts regionally and globally. They engage with decision-makers to carry out the ideas and elevate the impact. Success is measured through government and business actions that improve people’s lives and sustain a healthy environment.

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