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Tropical mangroves are among the most productive and valuable ecosystems on earth. They provide millions of people with food, clean water and raw materials. Healthy mangroves harbour many iconic species, such as manatees, sea turtles and millions of migratory birds.

These unique wetlands act as buffers against storms, tsunamis and sea-level rise, making them vital for coastal communities threatened by climate change. And yet, in spite of their huge value to society, Africa’s mangroves are facing dramatic challenges.

Causes of mangrove loss and degradation range from agriculture developments for rice and large-scale irrigation schemes, to oil and gas exploitation and bauxite mining. Ill-planned infrastructure developments for ports, harbours and cities add to the pressures. Vulnerable local communities, who depend on mangroves for their livelihoods, end up overexploiting them for fish and timber in the absence of alternative income sources. On top of all this, the effects of human-induced climate change also loom.

Together with DOB Ecology, Wetlands International has 2 programmes in 2 different countries:

  1. Mangrove Capital Africa – Tanzania
  2. Mangrove Capital Africa – Senegal