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The two offices are independently registered but coordinate actions and share a regional strategy for Latin America & the Caribbean.

Wetlands International Latin America & the Caribbean is part of Wetlands International, the leading global NGO working to safeguard and restore wetlands for people and nature. They bring critical knowledge on wetlands to the world’s attention and demonstrate solutions for sustainable development. Their focus is on some of the great wetlands, where the health of the natural water system matters the most. Their work helps conserve these special places for vulnerable wildlife and benefits millions of people. We build up long term programmes for a lasting impact on the ground.

Based in the Netherlands since 1996 and being a global network organisation working worldwide through 20 offices which share the name and brand “Wetlands International”, safeguard one reputation, implement a joint Strategic Intent and a common set of organisational guidelines and policies. The offices are legal entities with guidance and oversight from local boards. Through the CEO presence on the boards and a Global Network Partnership Agreement, they maintain coherence and manage risks. The Head Office provides global leadership and supports the office network. By connecting across the network, they keep their feet “in the mud” while influencing global policies and investments, and implementing projects in more than 100 countries.

The two programmes with DOB Ecology are:

  1. High Andean wetlands for people and nature
  2. Corredor Azul