Ecology Programmes Corredor Azul

Started in November 2017, this long-term programme aims to safeguard the health and connectivity of the Paraná -Paraguay river system and its iconic wetlands – the Iberá Marshes and the Paraná Delta in Argentina, and the Pantanal in Brazil.

The Paraná-Paraguay river system with 3400 km long is one of the world’s last remaining examples of large, free-flowing rivers. This Corredor Azul is a system of amazing natural beauty and biodiversity and an unique myriad of land and water habitats. If dammed and tamed, its wetlands will be highly degraded and the value and benefits for people lost forever.

The programme aims to make a difference on the ground, promoting alternative development paths to safeguard nature and enhance the livelihoods of people along the Corredor Azul.

In the first two years, the programme has developed strategic alliances with over 25 key organizations from Argentina and Brazil, including governmental agencies and ministries, universities and knowledge centers, local, national and international NGOs and the private sector. This included the engagement of seventeen community-based originations in sustainable use of wetlands resources and preservation of their local livelihoods. They are small cooperatives of artisanal fishers, small family ecotourism businesses, indigenous and traditional communities that depend on wetlands for their subsistence.

In addition, a civil society platform in the Parana Delta helps to strengthen capacities and networking of local civil society organizations towards effective participation in decision making processes affecting their territories. In the Pantanal, the programme has set up a platform for the empowerment of local and indigenous communities as environmental leaders.

Other successful activities of the programme include (a) negotiated agreements with livestock ranches in the Paraná Delta for better cattle raising practices (covering almost round 14,000 hectares), (b) management guidelines for key wetland protected areas, indigenous territories and Ramsar Sites in the Pantanal and Parana Delta, and (c) contributing to the Parana Delta National Wetlands Inventory.

With a recent extension, the programme will intensify its work: generating scientific knowledge, promoting sustainable regional policies, and realizing meaningful collaboration with government, corporate actors and civil society.

This programme is executed by our partner Wetlands International Latin America & the Caribbean

Key features

Landscape  Corredor Azul: 3.400 km long river system, in the La Plata Basin
  Biggest freshwater wetlands on the planet
  Home to over 20 million people
Goals  160.000 additional ha of wetlands under sustainable production
  1.260.000 ha of wetlands with improved protective regimen in place
  Participation of 15 community-based organisations
  Wetland restoration importance is recognized by the 20x20 Ecosystem Restoration Initiative
  Argentina’s National Climate Change Plan recognises wetlands contributions to Climate Change adaptation