At DOB Ecology, we are driven by the believe that strong and healthy ecosystems are vital ingredients for life, well-being and sustainable development.

Our mission is to support local partners and communities that work to protect and restore threatened ecosystems. In doing so, our primary focus is on wetlands and forests, in Africa and South America.

In addition to these two habitats, we actively support the further development of research related to biodiversity, ecosystems, and climate change. The more we know and understand as a global community, the better the solutions and remedies! The programmes in this category aim to generate knowledge for a wide, often global community. They are therefore not always focused on a particular region or landscape.

While never static, our current portfolio has developed into an exciting set of more than 20 programmes. Approximately half of those take a long-term perspective, guided by a 10-year vision.

As a donor, we are very aware that the success of our mission largely depends on the expertise and determination of the partners that implement the programmes, often in the ecological frontlines in difficult circumstances. In other words: the partners do the actual (and complex) work! Hence, the programmes are always designed with the partner organization in the lead, and on the basis of the experience, needs and priorities of the partners.