Humankind has changed the environment at a scale not seen before in history. This has come at an enormous price – the unprecedented loss of biodiversity, a rapid decline of ecosystems worldwide, and significantly increased risks to the livelihoods and well-being of people everywhere. The impacts of climate change have dramatically increased these threats.

Clearly, urgent action is needed to reverse these trends and to secure a healthy planet where ecosystems and people thrive.

But there is also good news. All around the world many people, communities and organisations are working on positive change — with passion, courage and real action on the ground. DOB Ecology’s seeks to support those important efforts.

Our mission

We believe that strong and healthy ecosystems are vital ingredients for life, well-being and sustainable development. The mission of DOB Ecology is to support partners that work to protect and restore threatened ecosystems and (re)build the conditions for resilient livelihoods of local communities.