Saving the Corredor Azul

Partner since 2017


Wetlands International LAC Argentina

in cooperation with Wetlands International LAC Brazil and Wetlands International Global Office


The 3,400 km long Paraná-Paraguay river system is one of the world’s last remaining examples of large, free-flowing rivers. This Corredor Azul (‘Blue Corridor’) is a system of amazing natural beauty and biodiversity and a unique myriad of land and water habitats. If dammed and tamed, its wetlands will be highly degraded and the value and benefits for people lost forever.

This program aims to safeguard the health and connectivity of the river system and its iconic wetlands – the Iberá Marshes and the Paraná Delta in Argentina, and the Pantanal in Brazil.

Since its start in 2017, the program has developed strategic alliances with over 25 key organizations in Argentina and Brazil, governmental as well as non-governmental, universities and knowledge centers as well as the private sector. Furthermore, seventeen community-based organisations have been involved in the sustainable use of wetlands resources and preservation of their local livelihoods.

Other successful results of the program so far include:

• Negotiated agreements with livestock ranches in the Paraná Delta and the Pantanal for better cattle raising practices (covering almost 34,000 hectares).
• Management plans for the Parana Delta Ramsar Site (243,126 ha), the Kadiwéu Indigenous Territory (538,535 ha) and the SESC Pantanal Ramsar Site (107,996 ha) have been developed or improved.
• 526 practitioners are trained in sustainable management of wetlands.

Working towards

Safeguarding the Corredor Azul (Paraná-Paraguay wetlands system) as an ecological, social and economic asset for the entire region. In ten years, the aim is the conservation of 1 million hectares, the sustainable productive use of 300,000 hectares and the conservation of the fluvial corridor and the three iconic wetlands (Pantanal, Iberá Marshes and Paraná Delta) as a free-flowing connected system.


  • Ten Ramsar Sites, Biosphere Reserves and protected area management plans are developed or updated, contributing to improved wetland biodiversity along the corridor;
  • Wetlands threats and values are recognised in at least ten different governmental plans and policies which now include sustainable wetland management at their core;
  • Three multi-sectorial dialogue platforms / roundtables are functioning with active participation from the corporate sector.

The unsung heroes of the Pantanal

When the fires in their territory in the south region of the Pantanal got out of control, a group of 14 young men of the indigenous Kadiwéu community took matters into their own hands. By forming their own fire brigade, they have become true fire fighting heroes.

– Traveling in Pantanal © Rose Araujo
– Wetlands in Pantanal © iStock