Landscape restoration of indigenous forest in Ghana

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Form International

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Forests in Ghana have decreased from 8.5 million to 1.5 million hectares. The remaining forest is under ever increasing pressure.

Tain II Forest Reserve is a highly degraded area with poor accessibility, surrounded by underdeveloped community farmland. Due to the lack of law enforcement, illegal farming, cattle herding, illegal logging and poaching have developed without much hindrance, both in and around the reserve. Soils, biodiversity, forests and livelihoods of people continue to degrade, intensified by wildfires. This calls for improved governance, sustainably managed farms and forest plantations to generate income, as well as the conservation and restoration of ecological important areas.

This program aims at restoring Tain II Forest Reserve and its buffer zone to its former production function, where remnants of the original vegetation are protected and strengthened to become refuges for biodiversity and where land users practice sustainable agriculture and implement sustainable land use measures. The goal is to expand the planted and restored area in and around the forest reserve with 2,200 hectares of lowland forest, agricultural land and sustainable tree plantations.

Restorative actions will lead to increased income from agriculture and forestry. Smallholders will join forces and financial mechanisms are in place to upscale to a wider area and more communities. Last but not least, improved landscape governance is needed to reduce the fire risk in the area, enhance biodiversity conservation and promote restoration of the landscape.

Working towards

Working towards:
Restoration of natural forests and increased productivity of agricultural land in order to improve the livelihood of the communities and the protection of biodiversity in and around the degraded Tain II Forest Reserve.


  • Restore indigenous forest;
  • Enhance sustainable and climate-smart agriculture;
  • Restore and enhance sustainable tree plantations;
  • Reduce fire risks and improved fire management.

Best of both worlds

Form Internationals’ and Form Ghana’s commitment to find solutions with the communities around the Tain II Forest Reserve to sustainably manage the landscape, strengthen already existing organisational structures and develop sustainable tree-based business cases with farmers.

Community fire management program

Form Ghana has implemented a solid community fire management program. We spoke with local people about the story behind this successful project.